Gabriele Balbi (USI, Switzerland) – Associate Professor in Media Studies at USI Università della Svizzera italiana (Switzerland). His research is at the crossroads of media studies, the history of technology, media archaeology, Science and Technology Studies, the political economy of communication, and cultural studies.

Luca Barra (University of Bologna, Italy) – Associate Professor at Università di Bologna, he works in television and media studies. His research mainly focuses on television production and distribution cultures, comedy and humour TV genres, the international circulation of media products (and their national mediations), the history of Italian television, and the evolution of the contemporary media landscape. On these topics he has written two books and several articles in scientific journals and edited collections.

Paolo Bory (USI, Switzerland) – Postdoc and Lecturer at the Institute of Media and Journalism of USI. His research focuses on the social history of digital media and networking technologies, on the role of play in digital media history, and on the
imaginaries and narratives of AI.

Simone Dotto (University of Udine, Italy) – Post-doctoral fellow and lecturer in History and Techniques of Television and New Media at the University of Udine. His research deals with sound studies, media history and archaeology, sponsored and non theatrical cinema. He recently authored his first monograph “Voci d’Archivio” (Meltemi 2019) on the history of phonography as an archival medium in interwar Italy.

Giuliana Caterina Galvagno (University of Turin, Italy) – PhD  in Communication Sciences, Giuliana is a postdoc fellow and lecturer in Media History and Film Studies at the University of  Turin. She has authored numerous essays in different languages  and  participated in the preparation of  exhibitions on media, art and history.

Simone Natale (Loughborough University, UK) – Senior Lecturer at Loughborough University, UK. His research focuses on media history, media archaeology and digital media. He is currently writing a monograph for Oxford University Press on Artificial Intelligence and the cultural history of the Turing Test.

Support: Simone Broggini (USI, Switzerland)


The conference is sponsored by the SNF “Digital Lives” Program

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