Photo by Lea Roewer

Olia Lialina is among the best-known participants in the 1990s scene – an early-days, network-based art pioneer. Her early work had a great impact on recognizing the Internet as a medium for artistic expression and storytelling. Lialina has, for the past two decades, produced many influential works of network-based art: My Boyfriend Came Back from the War (1996), Agatha Appears (1997), First Real Net Art Gallery (1998), Last Real Net Art Museum (2000), Online Newspapers (2004-2018), Summer (2013), Self-Portrait (2018). Lialina is also known for using herself as a GIF model, and is credited with founding one of the earliest web galleries, Art Teleportacia. She is cofounder and keeper of One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age archive and a professor at Merz Akademie in Stuttgart, Germany.

Peppino Ortoleva is a media history scholar, he works in the field of communication research and cultural production and he is curator of exhibitions, museums and author of radio programs. Until 2018 he was professor of History and Media Theory at the University of Turin. He has published over a hundred scientific papers on history, society and media. Amongst his books,Cinema e storia (Loescher, Torino 1991), I movimenti del ’68 in Europa e in America (Editori Riuniti, Roma 1998), Mediastoria (Il Saggiatore, Milano 2002), Il secolo dei media. Riti, abitudini, mitologie (Il Saggiatore, Milano 2009), Dal sesso al gioco (Express, Torino 2012). His latest book Miti a bassa intensità (Low Intensity Myths, Einaudi, Torino 2019) deals with the societal and cultural transformations of modern mythologies, with a focus on the relationship between contemporary myths and media.

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